Improving Your Overall Safety Performance: Applying Innovative Strategies through a Cognitive Learning Approach 

Join Dr. Gina Anderson and Randy Luckow as they share research demonstrating how to improve your safety performance through cognitive learning strategies. Together they will share research demonstrating the correlation between how the brain works when paired with proven education and communication strategies and how DART Transit Company leverages this knowledge to improve safety. 

Dr. Gina Anderson
Luma Brighter Learning

Randy Luckow 
VP of Safety, Training & Compliance
DART Transit Company

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Discovering Your Core Values 

Values misalignment results in disengaged employees and ultimately turnover.  This hands-on, interactive workshop is designed to guide participants through a values-based leadership exercise that dials into what really matters to them and makes you who you are.   Knowing your values and knowing the values among your team creates alignment and engaged employees resulting in higher retention. 

Allen Phibbs Headshot High Res.jpg
Allen Phibbs
Independent Executive Director
The John Maxwell Team


CyberCrimes -
Impacts and Preventions for Transportation 

Join Ben as he explains the critical elements of a cybersecurity strategy using a layered approach.  Strategies will include putting the right human and systems preventative measures in place, stopping an attack in progress; recovery after a cyberattack; and strategies for Insurance and the aftermath.   

Ben Barnes
Vice President of IT and Chief Information Security Officer
McLeod Software

Glenn Jones
SVP of Product Management
Blume Global


International Freight and Port Congestion 
– The Continuing Impact on Domestic Freight 

As the logjam at our ports and distribution centers continues to impact the industry and the market, digital solutions are being explored to help unclog trucking lines and increase turn times. Join David Arsenault, President of GSC Logistics, Inc. and Glenn Jones, Global Vice President of Product Strategy and Marketing, Blume Global as they discuss the impact of congestion at inland transfers and the ports, exploring how digitization can play a role in easing congestion. 

David Arsenault Headshot.jpg
David Arsenault
GSC Logistics, Inc.

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The 4 E’s of the Employee Experience 

Join Clay as he shares from his experiences with Prime, Inc. and learn how to build your culture with events that matter.  Capture insights on structuring company events around driver, in-house, and customer recognition.  Learn how to create a unique experience with each event that helps brand your message and reinforce the values of the organization.  Hear the effective marketing and re-marketing strategies that work for promoting each event/program throughout your company, and learn to obtain a sustainable company event model that impacts retention & recruitment. 

Clay Brown Headshot.jpg
Clayton Brown
Experiential Marketing
Prime, Inc.


Mitigating Carrier Risk:
Fighting Driver Sleep Fatigue 

Studies show that up to 50% of fatal accidents on roadways are caused by driver fatigue. Join Lisa Ries as she shares insights on how to address and manage driver fatigue, understand the prevalence of fatigue and sleep issues in MVA's and the risk this imposes to the carrier, see the impact of Sleep Apnea on the industry both from a safety and financial standpoint, and capture solutions that can help a carrier take hold of the issue and mitigate risk while increasing safety and productivity. Nuclear verdicts continue to threaten the trucking industry with nearly 300 in the last 5 years compared to 26 between 2006-2011.  

Lisa Ries
Division Manager
Lincare Holdings, Inc.


CSR and ESG – What is this and Why Does it Matter for Fleets?   

 You’ve heard the terms Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental Social Governance (ESG) – but why does this matter to fleets?  In this session Matt McLelland, VP of Sustainability and Innovation for Covenant Logistics and Bill Wettstein, CFO and President of Nussbaum Transportation will explain these terms, dive into their importance, briefly discuss current and future decarbonization technologies, and talk about how to look at CAPEX investments from a different perspective than how our industry typically analyzes these decisions.  We’ll dive into topics like financial ROI, Social ROI, shipper expectations, and even driver perspectives.  This will be a lively presentation and discussion between Matt (the idea guy) and Bill (the financial guy) - while leaving ample time for group discussion. 

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Matt McLelland
VP of Sustainability
Covenant Logistics

Bill Wettstein
President and CFO
Nussbaum Transportation

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The Aging Driver Population and Shortage: 
How to Bring in New, Less Experienced Drivers Safely!

This session will focus on how fleets can develop a strategy to combat the aging driver population and ever-lasting shortage.  We will have an open and interactive discussion that circles around how fleets can bring on new, less experienced drivers safely and with the approval of their insurance carriers.  The session is a continuation of our Commercial Trucking Town Hall series last year where we identified, over the course of 7 Town Halls, that much of the driver shortage has to do with restrictions developed by the Commercial Truck Insurance Industry.  The issue more specifically, how do Trucking Companies bring in new drivers that have less experience than their insurance carrier requires.  Our panel will offer potential solutions and encourage discussion in the following areas:


  • Incorporating Truck Driving Schools

  • Driver Mentoring

  • Continuing Education

  • Initial Compliance

  • On-going Monitoring

  • Tips to approach Insurance Carriers

  • Safety Best Practices

Tuchmann Photo.jfif
Mark Tuchmann
TIP National, LLC

scott-grandys Photo.png
Scott Grandys
President & Co-Founder
ClearConnect Solutions Group, LLC

Scott Randall Photo.jfif
Scott Randall
VP of Risk Management
Hogan Transports, Inc.

Jon Stanley.jfif
Jon Stanley
Managing Partner 
Synergy-Solutions, LLC

Stephen Mueller
Managing Director
Inact Insurance Accident & Health

2021-08 Nelson, Bryan Head Shot - Full Resolution.JPG
Bryan J. Nelson
Taylor Johnson PL

Atkins Headshot.jpg
Jack Atkins
Managing Director