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Revolutionized Trucking: 
Realizing the Influence of Autonomous Vehicles on Commercial Trucking 

Monday, March 21

The value proposition for autonomous platforms is becoming more favorable for fleets as they continue to drive changes to key cost variables faced by carriers including equipment, maintenance, fuel, tires, and the ongoing challenge of acquiring and retaining drivers. 

Join us as panelists from the Aurora, Plus, and Waymo platforms join moderator Dave Williams, Senior Vice President of Equipment and Government Relations for Knight -Swift Transportation to address technical capabilities and progress, commercial advancement, and the future roadmap for AV in commercial trucking. 

Charlie Jatt
Head of Commercialization for Trucking

Wiley Deck
VP of Government Affairs and Public Policy

Dima Headshot.png
Dima Kislovskiy
VP of Truck Programs

Dave Williams
Senior VP, Equipment and Government Relations
Knight-Swift Transportation


Rethinking Carrier-Shipper Relationships

As freight spend budgets and sourcing decisions continue to collide with the capacity and equipment needs of the supply chain challenges, the relationship between carriers and shippers has never been more crucial than it is today.  The evaluation of performance and the need for ongoing pointed dialogue are critical for sustaining these relationships.  What do these metrics look like today? How has the supply chain impacted these metrics? What are the critical points of transparency data is providing for freight and how is safety performance factoring into these metrics?


Gain insights on these topics and more as we address the Shipper - Carrier relationship in today's market.   

Robin Baggs
Director, Logistics
The Home Depot

The Home D
Tuesday, March 22
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Steve Hueser
North America Transportation Director
Cummins Inc.
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Karen Smerchek
Veriha Trucking, Inc.