Tuesday, March 22
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What happens when you combine the perspective and experience of one of the most successful cyber security law enforcement officials of all time with the true stories and insights of the former mastermind behind one of the most highly-skilled hacking networks the world has ever seen?


With experience on both sides of the cyber security equation—Chris Tarbell, as a former agent at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Hector Monsegur, a former "black hat hacker" affiliated with the Anonymous/LulzSec collective—Monsegur and Tarbell deliver one of the most heart-pounding and informative presentations.


This dynamic duo has worked together to prevent more than 350 cyberattacks against US government computer systems.


During their informative session, Coordinated Attack: Fighting Back Against Cyber Security Threats, they'll provide attendees with the most pressing cyber threats and practical ideas for securing their data.

The dynamic duo will reveal:

  • Motivations of bad actors for accessing your information.

  • Methods hackers use to access your information including using parts of the internet not seen by many beyond law enforcement and hackers.

  • Steps you can take in your organizations now to educate your workforce about cyber threats.

  • Actions organizations should take to protect their data and prevent hackers from penetrating their systems. The goal is to be one step ahead of the hacker.

  • What should your organization do if it is hacked?